While we endeavour to respond to all support requests as quickly as possible, guaranteed response times are dictated by the SLA for your service. Our Standard SLA will ensure your issue gets a response within 2 working days of receipt, while Premium SLA comes with a guaranteed response time of 15 minutes, coupled with Resource Prioritization to ensure your issue get resolved as quickly as possible. The SLA you need obviously depends on your particular requirements but as we treat all Support Tickets with the greatest degree of urgency we trust that our standard Support Service is adequate for most users.

We provide an automated Support Ticket service to ensure that we provide the assistance you need in a timely manner. Please use the email associated with your account, and include the correct Domain Name, to ensure that we connect your Support Request to the correct account and help us meet your needs.


Security isn’t optional in today’s connected world and keeping your website secure means Updates! A key feature of the BizSpace service is our Maintenance Program. This is a service that we believe is unique to BizSpace, and one that ensures that you can keep your website alive and well without any of the usual hassle associated with regular updates.

The administration and maintenance of the website will always be performed by us. We will update the core software, themes and plugins as appropriate having due regard to the security and maintainability of both the website and web server. This does not normally involve or include the altering of any visible website content. We do this so you don’t have to!


We take regular backups of all BizSpace websites. Most website owners discover the value of backups when it’s already too late. BizSpace has taken this pressure away – we keep the backups so you don’t have to. Furthermore, we will restore the backups on request. This means you don’t need to know anything about the technicalities of the process. Our standard backup plan is adequate for most websites.

Priority Backup Services (like more frequent backups or pushing backup files to user storage locations, are available on request).


Owning any software system is now a constant battle against viruses and Malware. Our Maintenance Program considers these risks and employs best industry practice to minimise the risks. We look after this so you don’t have to!


The Standard Package offered by BizSpace is adequate for the vast majority of our users. However, in the event that your site has a particular and unique support requirement, we will endeavour to meet your requirement.